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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Reflection Of Last Day Exhibition

First day

In the exhibition I learned to talk to many people. At the first time when I went in front with my group I was nervous to talk. Then, after a few seconds my nervousness was already gone. At the booth there were many people. There were so many people who came and asked question about gemstones. Then when the first time people asked me a question I was a little bit nervous.

Also grades Pre k, k1, K2, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 came to visit. Sometimes people didn’t go to our booth. There were also parents who came to our booth to see our presentations. Tomorrow I will be better and I will not be nervous any more so I can do better than the last day.

Second day

This is my first time doing my exhibition. The first time I needed to do our group presentation I got a little bit nervous. It already the time for me to talk my nervous has gone away. After our group G.E.M.S has finish our presentation. Our group goes to our booth like 2 people put the presentation and the other 2 spoke with the people who came to our group.


Our group also made a brochure for the people who came to our group to get our brochure. Those people can know what have we learned at our school. The ones who came to our last day of our exhibition were grade four, grade six and grade seven. It was really interesting to have a exhibition The people who came to our booth also asked some question about gemstone. And G.E.M.S is stand for Grade five Exhibition Multimedia Student.


 Went the first time people came to our booth and ask question I was really nervous to answer the questions. On the last day of our exhibition Ms. Indah and Ms. Elizabeth came to our exhibition to see our presentation. I was nervous that Ms. Indah and Ms. Elizabeth come to see our presentation. But I’m glad that Ms. Indah and Ms. Elizabeth have come to see our exhibition and our presentation. In the presentation there was also a quiz for Ms. Indah and Ms. Elizabeth the quiz name was “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?”.


The one who played the quiz with Ms. Indah and Ms. Elizabeth was Min Soo and Johnny. Min Soo and Johnny won and the score was 100 and Ms. Indah and Ms. Elizabeth got 60 points. Then Mrs. T recorded Ms. Indah and Ms. Elizabeth saying “I’m not smarter than a fifth grader”. Ms. Indah Kiat and Ms. Elizabeth promised us JCo donuts. Our class was happy to get the boxes of JCo on Monday.


We all were really happy to have our exhibition to be successful. Next time I want to have an exhibition again. I will do it even better next time.



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