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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Spore Reflection

   In grade 5 ,In English we learned how to use spore, which is a new cool program. That we can make our monster I really enjoy making a monster. In English we learn many thing like spore, metaphor, and ISA. In spore you will enjoy to work and made your own monster. Spore is in the English language not in Indonesia. So it is with the English lessons. With your spore you can play online but if you want to play online you must buy the full version of the spore.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


An Exercise in Writing Metaphors: Complete the sentences to make your own metaphors.

1. The moon is a ____half watermelon_____.

2. Freckles are ______choco chips___ when they spread across your face.

3. His arms were ____big______ as they lifted the heavy chair.

4. The stars are _____good_______ as they twinkle in the night sky.

5. The storm was a ____scary water__________ as it clawed against my window.

6. The freshly mowed lawn was a _wonderful__________.

7. The noisy children were _____see a dinosaur_______ as they raced through the museum.

8. I was a _______amazing_____ as I tiptoed across the wooden floor.

9. The river was a ___long snake_________ as it twisted and turned down the mountain.

10. His cheeks were _full sticky____________ as he chewed the giant wad of bubble gum.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Sharing This Planet

Sharing this planet meant, we must share this planet for a living thing like people animal and plant. And we also make a space for the living things to lives. But we also can't cut the tree because if we cut the tree animal are cannot lives. But if we want to cut a tree we must plant another tree so the tree can go bigger and we be recycle.

my plant