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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Sharing This Planet

Sharing this planet meant, we must share this planet for a living thing like people animal and plant. And we also make a space for the living things to lives. But we also can't cut the tree because if we cut the tree animal are cannot lives. But if we want to cut a tree we must plant another tree so the tree can go bigger and we be recycle.


Learner said...

You right about no cutting trees stuff. Really enjoyed reading it..

r friend, Atta

Leonardo 1997-11-26 said...

hey good Fernan, i enjoy reading it. And try to make more, and i hope you can fix some grammar mistake.

velociraptor said...

Nice job Fernan. Though you still could do a bit of fixing in your grammar for more people to understand, but it still it is a very good job.

Daniel's blog said...

Good job FERNAN.

my plant